Feedback from Stakeholders

At the very beginning of the first and second classes, children have already remembered my name. When the girl elaborated teachers who taught her, I felt she was adorable and I was very touched. Sometimes, when it comes to the part of the reading textbook in class, she would ask to read voluntarily. Later, I taught her to recite the poems. The more she recited, the more she was confused and forgot the words and became frustrated. Yet, even her frustration was fairly cute. There's a time when I questioned her on class, and she failed to answer yet somehow in the middle of the course she said in a sudden that she had already recited it. I had no idea whether she was practicing when I was teaching, but I thought the children always wanted to show their best aspect to us.

——Feng Yitong

I still remember there was one winter day after I finished the lesson, a little girl thanked me for my teaching. I felt so happy and moved at that moment. Every volunteer in EWB works super hard, and all become friends with each other. I particularly moved EWB’s congratulation messages on my birthday.

When getting the e-mail of EWB each week, I appreciate the commitment of our working committee. I am responsible for EWB’s Weibo, which is one of the leading social media in China. Sometimes I worry if I can handle this task, but our EWB members are always there to encourage me.

——Sun Leping

I often feel deeply touched when teaching these adorable children. Once I asked Hailu what would he do if I stopped giving lessons and leaved EWB. Hailu told me that he would go to find me and give me a big and warm hug. Another EWB member once told me an interesting story about these children. When Hailu refused to give Haiwen his snacks, Haiwen just directly give him a huge hug, which made Hailu’s face immediately turn red.

You can’t imagine how much effort EWB’s supervisors have put into. I still remember there was one time our meeting ended at about 0 a.m.. But other supervisors still worked on their cases.

——Cao Yaowen

I can find many different ideas, and the collision of different ideas can produce some new mechanism. Take Fujian Province’s feedback template as an example. In the past teachers usually posted very long feedbacks. Later a teacher suggested that because there are fewer children than teachers in Fujian Province, and every teacher’s class is independent of each other, teachers may not be able to read all the feedbacks in time. Therefore, we came up with a method: we create a new document for the feedback from last Sunday to this Saturday. Then we take turns to write the week feedback. Thus, when the teachers are writing feedbacks, they can also read the previously written feedbacks.

I also really like seeing the changes in the children. The child I teach used to be a little bit introvert. When he doesn’t want to do something, he will express their feelings not by words but by behaviours, such as stopping smiling, sighing, and not looking at the camera. After a long period of contact he starts to become more active, now he can talk and to communicate with me.

——Fang Jie

EWB has become a part of my life, and Saturday has changed from a lazy weekend to a meaningful day of lecture and meeting. I had more perspectives about things (a younger perspective?). Maybe it’s just because there are many younger members than me. When I see their ways of doing things and their abilities, I will reflect if I could do as well as they did in their age. I learned a lot from them and realized one of my ideas. Because I used to receive unequal education, I always wanted to help those who have encountered similar problems like me. Fortunately, I joined EWB, and I thought that I made up for past regrets and I can help more children to receive a better education.

——Li Na