Ways to Help

Start making changes to this world and helping children with us!

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We welcome volunteers from all walks of life and all cultural backgrounds. Education without Barriers provides 2 voluntary programs: (1) Volunteer Teacher Program and (2) Volunteer Worker Program. Both are long-term and conducted online.



A small donation can make a big difference. (1) One-Time Donation or (2) Monthly Donation are both appreciated and meaningful to us. At your request, we are also able to help you with tax deduction and provide you with info of where your money goes.


shop gift catalog

Browse the site and shop a gift for a child! They will love your gift and may write you a thank-you card!

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sponsor a child

We provide long-term program for those who wish to sponsor a child’s growing up, from childhood to adolescence. You can literally change a child’s future in a click.

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Cooperate with us

If you happen to have relevant resources, for example, own a school or a company, and wish to help us (1) start a new teaching point or (2) expand in other ways, contact educationwithoutbarriersorg.gmail.com Now!