Mingqi Song (Angel)


Mingqi is co-founder of Education Without Barriers and the director of EWB American Chapter, where she works across fundraising, branding and strategy-related projects. Mingqi is a first-year MPA student in Columbia University and Communication Chair of Asia Pacific Affairs Council. She studied Economics in Communication University of China and was honored as “Beijing Outstanding Undergraduate”. As the UNGC Compliance Officer of Egyliere Travel, she finished a highly-appreciated annual report and offered three trainings for staff in SDGs. Mingqi accumulated rich experience in policy research and empowering social enterprise. While worked in China Philanthropy Research Institute, her proposal on foster care policy was adopted by Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau. In Sep 2017, Mingqi joined the Center for China and Globalization. During the internship, Mingqi finalized 15 policy report, memo, and analysis themed on global talent circulation, migration, and international school market. She provided policy consultation for Beijing Chaoyang District government, Sichuan, and Guangdong Provincial government. Mingqi also independently finished 2017 U.S Immigration Report, which is filed in 2017 Global Talent Blue Book. She is destined to exploring effective pathways to empower disadvantaged children, connecting policymaker, civil society and the beneficiaries, and give them the capability of living a happiness life.