Xiaobao: Exam-oriented English course

Xiaobao left me the impression of good attitude and resistance to stress. When I first gave a lesson to Xiaobao, I found that he had a limited vocabulary. Given that he was preparing for the senior high school entrance examination, so the priority for him is to improve his scores;after all, this is an exam-oriented course that emphasizes the grasp of basic knowledge and problem-solving ability. After other teachers taught Xiaobao vocabulary for some time, we started to practice test questions for the entrance examination in the middle and later stages. During this process, on the one hand, I worried that the child couldn't adapt to the on-the-spot state of the time-limited test, and then he might grow a resistance to English learning; on the other hand, considering the child's own particularity and the unpredictable results of the test, if the result is good, the child will be happy, and we can greatly praise him; but if the result is not good, encouraging him to stick to it is the key. Before the time-limited test training, I prepared a lot of encouragement words for fear that his mentality will be affected. Because the papers used at this time are the same as the entrance examination took by students in previous years in this area, in order to prevent the children from doing it in advance at school, I chose the test from many years ago. And the test questions are relatively simple compared with those in recent years, I think we can do it step by step.

However, the results of the course were beyond my expectations. Before the lecture, the purpose of the test was explained. Meanwhile, in order to alleviate his mental pressure, I told him that the time-limited test was to simulate the test status of the high school entrance examination and when you got used to it, you would not be nervous by then. In addition, the results are not important. What’s truly important is that we can find problems and solve them together. Considering the basic condition of Xiaobao, I gave him 15 multiple-choice questions, each question for one minute, and limited time of 15 minutes. Every time when he finished a page presented on PPT, he gave me a sign. He cooperated with me very well and I observed his problem-solving process. Because the further the harder, I was worried that he might give up halfway or refuse to do it. I had imagined all kinds of situations.

But after 15 minutes, Xiaobao not only successfully completed these questions, but did not show any negative emotions, which I think is really good. After checking the answers, the child almost had 10 correct answers out of 15 questions every time. Given that he had a weak mastery of English, he did the simulated time-limited test for the first time and he didn’t learn any question-solving skills, he did quite well. I really admired Xiaobao. I remembered that when I was in junior high school and the teacher said we were going to simulate the time-limited test for the senior high school entrance examination, our whole class were so resistant and tired. Me too. I was so sick of the exams. However, despite Xiaobao’s weak command of English, he can bravely face the "difficulties", persevere, and adapt to it. I think this character is more important than the final test score.