Story of Wenwen and Xiang in Memory Course

The memory course is a quality-oriented one. Compared with the exam-oriented class, there is no much demand on scores. If I have to define the two courses, I think that the children are expected to be strict with themselves and be more responsible for themselves in the exam-oriented class, while in the quality class, we just want them to like it. It is not asking them to lower expectations on themselves, but we hope that they can discover their strengths and interests through the quality class. Every child is a little angel, and they all have their own unique features. We just need to wait and discover it.

I admit that the name of the memory course is somewhat unsatisfactory. For example, when Xiang heard the course name, he said to the teacher, "I don't want to remember; I don't want to learn." The course was difficult to advance, and the teacher was also embarrassed. But is there a solution? Really don't like it? Later, I learned that children were particularly interested in cars. Then teachers designed a lecture that combined memory palace and car structure. The children changed their previous attitudes and became concentrated. They began to interact with the teacher to learn the memory method. From disliking to liking, the children changed their past opinion of the single-personalized curriculum design. In particular, I want to express my thanks to every teacher for their timely feedback and co-response on the discovery of the children's problems, so that we can see the uniqueness of the children.

Wenwen is a sweet and cute kid. She is very smart and polite. She loves to learn knowledge and can quickly understand new knowledge. At the beginning of designing a course for Wenwen, my design was limited by my past experience of designing exam-oriented courses. Thus, I focused on the syllabus and ignored the child’s interests and interaction with her. Later, I found that Wenwen likes drawing, especially drawing on the screen, but this will lead to inattention. Then in the course of the “Remembering Country Name”, Wenwen, pretending as a teacher, used her imagination, drew and talked in the way she understood. Gradually, I had more interactions with the child and knew more about Wenwen’s hobbies. During the course with Wenwen, I changed many fixed pattern of thinking, and gradually discovered that the interest-oriented curriculum design that seeks quality rather than quantity can bring more benefits to the child.